Apr 23 2012

Paleo / Primal Convenience Food


Awesome Photo by Adam Fields

How to Make a Paleo / Primal / Whole Foods Diet Easier

When you choose to eat a whole foods, paleo or primal food diet, convenience food takes on a whole different meaning. I try to do the following to help with food prep:  Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 13 2012

Step 7: Review Purchases….Honest Abe?



Feed Your Family: 7 Steps to Success


The first step is to Define Priorities and Set Goals. After you’ve completed step #1, it’s really important to look at the items you bought at the grocery store and ask yourself this question:  Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 30 2012

What’s Your Shiny Sink?



Flylady 101

Have you ever heard of Flylady? She is the reason that I can manage my home. Until I started reading emails from her, my house was a disaster. For Flylady…it all started with a shiny sink.


I listened to what she had to say and I kept my sink clean. Although that didn’t quite transform my house into a well run home, I figured a few things out.  Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 24 2012

Weekly Grocery Shopping


Why do I grocery shop weekly?


I’ve tried shopping weekly, every other week, monthly, multiple times a week, etc.


I have found that if I don’t focus on a weekly plan, then I get overwhelmed. When I first learned how much money I could save at the grocery store by having a plan, I focused on planning and shopping for just a few days at a time. We went out to eat frequently so I needed to break that habit first.


I also use the pantry principle concept. I stock up on the items that I know I am going to use every week. We eat hamburger for dinner about three times a week and we eat it at breakfast frequently. I just found out that our local meat supplier sells 50 pound boxes of burger. I’m looking forward to having burger on hand so I don’t have to factor that into my weekly grocery shopping trip.



If you are feeling overwhelmed when trying to feed your family healthy meals on a budget, try focusing on just a few days at a time. Once you have that mastered you can move onto a whole week.

 Please let me know  if there anything I can help you with!


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Mar 08 2012

Budget Breakdown by Dinner


Grocery Budgeting

Someone left a comment over at MoneySavingMom stating that they were struggling with their food budget. I suggested that they break down their food budget using categories. This has been so enlightening for me, I hope that it’s helpful for you.  Read the rest of this entry »

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