May 08 2012

Groceries – Where Do I Begin???



Food is such a critical part of our lives. If we feed our bodies the “right food” we will have energy, feel nourished and we will avoid many diseases. So where does that leave people who are struggling financially? People who have to rely on the government for a time until they recover from whatever issues they are struggling with (job loss, death in the family, single parents, etc.)

Groceries 101: The basics 

  1. Realize that it takes time to figure out how to feed your family healthy and frugal meals. If you are a person who stops by the store when they are hungry (hello…that was me!) it will probably cost more than if you have some sort of a plan.
  2. Although every person is different, if you eat wheat and/or sugar it’s been proven that it will satisfy your hunger for a bit, but then you will be hungrier later.
  3. Again, every person is different, but I have found that if my family eats a big protein breakfast, we can get away with a lot less protein later on in the day.

Groceries 201: Break down the cost of each meal.

  • Cricket over at ThriftyTexasPenny wrote an awesome post the other day showing how she broke down the cost of each meal. Penny wrote:

I’ve been trying to convince friends and readers for years that our groceries (or eating out) don’t have to cost us an arm and a leg.


You can read the post by clicking on the following link:

 Live Below the Line Challenge Day 1


    •  If you break down the cost of your meals then you can see where you might be able to cut out some non-essential items. You can see where I’ve broken down the cost of our Primal Foods breakfast budget over at HummingbirdHomemaking.Com. Even though Cricket and I have chosen to feed our families differently, the concept of breaking down the cost of the meal is the same. Note: before I discovered my protein breakfast I would eat green beans smothered in butter. I was much better off than when I had whole grain pancakes ~ each person is different.


  • You can see more dinners broken down by cost over at 5DollarDinners.Com. Here’s a fabulous allergy free / budget recipe for pork roast by Lindsey.


Where do I start? I’ve been there…I know that it can be really overwhelming. Try to set aside 30 minutes every day to work on your grocery budget. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

 Please let me know  if there is anything I can help you with!



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How to Grocery Shop on a Budget



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