Apr 23 2012

Paleo / Primal Convenience Food


Awesome Photo by Adam Fields

How to Make a Paleo / Primal / Whole Foods Diet Easier

When you choose to eat a whole foods, paleo or primal food diet, convenience food takes on a whole different meaning. I try to do the following to help with food prep: 

  1. Stock the freezer with meat (chicken, bacon, burger and roasts) and vegetables (green beans and peas).
  2. Transfer meat from the freezer to the fridge consistently (on Monday put 3 pounds of burger, 1 pack of bacon, 2 packs of chicken and 1 roast in the fridge.)
  3. Stock the fridge/freezer with quick and easy fruits and vegetables ie. avocados, frozen blueberries, baby carrots or sugar snap peas.
  4. Keep pre-cooked meat in the freezer (fry 5 pounds of burger and package them separately in the freezer.)
  5. Keep cooked breakfast sausage in the freezer AND fridge.
  6. Stock the fridge with dozens of eggs.



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