Sep 17 2012

Paleo / Primal Menu Plan


Apparently when I took the summer off from blogging I forgot everything that I learned about menu planning. Boy is it hard to get back on track!

Last week my precious flylady told me that I was whining and procrastinating about menu planning. She was right! Sometimes I miss the good ole days of just buying cold cereal and milk. I do NOT miss how I felt after eating cold cereal and milk though so I must have some sort of plan.

Right now, part of the biggest problem I have is that I no longer have a basic plan in place. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 20 2012

Primal or Paleo Eating on a Budget


Image Credit: o5com

Is it really more expensive to eat a primal or paleo diet? I don’t think so {click to read the post.} Am I spending more money on groceries. YES!!!!

How to Grocery Shop on a Budget

If you need to grocery shop on a budget, take a look at the list over at Archevore.Com. Steps 1-3 won’t cost you any extra money. Eating “fillers” such as bread, pasta, etc. make you FEEL FULL, but don’t actually nourish your body. Replace those items with frozen vegetables and healthy fats and you won’t spend any extra money (we eat peas and green beans with butter a lot.)


Why do I spend more money now than I used to? Quite simply, I have realized the importance of food. I have been buying the following items that have increased my budget significantly.



I bought Kombucha and OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has helped my stomach. I know that I’m not completely healed after eating crap for 40 years…apparently the healing process takes a while and Kombucha has helped tremendously. It’s $3.00-$3.65 per bottle. CRAZY. Is it worth it? YES!!! I have water kefir grains in my fridge right now so I might try to make some of that again, but I didn’t notice an improvement in my health when I drank water kefir.


Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4.375-Ounce (affiliate link)

I order via subscribe and save (often times I change/cancel the subscription because I don’t need them as often.) Right now they cost $11.99 for 6 cans.


I was buying Kerrygold butter, but recently found Rumiano butter from Azure Standard $4.40 for 1 pound. Here’s the description:

rSBT Free. GMO Free, Pasture Butter

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cream (Derived from Milk), Sea Salt.


What I don’t buy is as important as what I do buy.


I don’t buy nuts very often because they kill my gut and cost a fortune compared to the nutrients in them. I will buy macadamia nuts, but those are pricey! I rarely buy steaks or vegetables that aren’t on sale. I don’t buy very much fruit. Over time as my body heals, I don’t need near as much protein as I used to. I used to eat a ton of hamburger, but don’t feel like I need that much protein anymore.



Please don’t discount a paleo or primal diet because you think it is too expensive. It can get expensive when you try to heal your body, but it’s cheaper than going to the doctor!

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Jun 13 2012

Mindfulness at the Grocery Store



If you are on a strict grocery budget, I highly recommend paying close attention to step 5 and step 6. You wouldn’t think these steps could make that much difference, but I know for a fact they do.



If your budget isn’t quite so tight, Read the rest of this entry »

May 17 2012

Protein Amounts

Grocery Shopping

{Image Credit: m.mate}


Primal / Paleo “ish” Way of Life

In my last post “Groceries: Where Do I Begin?” I wasn’t clear about something and wanted to expand a bit about seeds and nuts (thanks for the comment!)


When I first begin eating a primal or paleo based diet, I really had no clue what I was doing. I knew I had to cut out the grains, but wasn’t quite sure what to replace them with. I bought a bunch of seeds and nuts to keep my hunger at bay. In my hours upon hours of research I discovered the following that beef has a lot of protein in it.


Protein Comparison

I was spending a lot of money on seeds and nuts because I thought meat was too expensive. I pay $4.50 a pound for burger that is locally raised and not corn fed (they add some lentils to the mix.) If I eat 1/4 pound burger (with Kerrygold butter on top of it) for breakfast then I don’t need very much food the rest of the day. The cost is $1.13 per hamburger. If I eat $1.13 worth of nuts or seeds, I eat a lot more food throughout the day. I *think*  it is 35 grams of protein for the hamburger versus 12 grams of protein for the sunflower seeds.


Each person is different…my husband (the athlete) eats 2 sausage links with 3 eggs almost every day for breakfast and that seems to work well for him.



  • List of High Protein Food
  • NutritionData: Burger Crumbles (I’m guesstimating that I eat a bit less than this amount)

According to’s list I should be able to eat chicken and keep hunger at bay…just doesn’t work for me. The other thing to consider is how inflammatory a food is. Nuts are high in Omega 6 and it seems like I read that chicken is too.


 Please let me know  if there is anything I can help you with!



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May 08 2012

Groceries – Where Do I Begin???



Food is such a critical part of our lives. If we feed our bodies the “right food” we will have energy, feel nourished and we will avoid many diseases. So where does that leave people who are struggling financially? People who have to rely on the government for a time until they recover from whatever issues they are struggling with (job loss, death in the family, single parents, etc.)

Groceries 101: The basics  Read the rest of this entry »

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